Top 10 Shop Floor Management Solution Companies - 2018
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Top 10 Shop Floor Management Solution Companies - 2018

Being a pivotal part of the manufacturing industry, developments in the shop floor influences everything from material management to operating margins. Manufacturers are quickly adopting technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, additive manufacturing, and robotics at shop floor level operations to improve the entire manufacturing process.

The technology shift in shop floor management sprang into action with the automation of its operations by employing cognitive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Involvement of AI in shop floor management operations ensures efficient and precise work while algorithms of machine learning make it feasible to fine-tune and optimize the manufacturing operations. Furthermore, when coupled with real-time monitoring, machine learning renders insight into the performance of the production schedule and machine-level loads at the shop floor level. Moving down the technology road, IoT has not only made it possible for manufacturers to detect faults in shop floor operations in real-time but also made it feasible to trace the fault and operate on it. Apart from these technologies, plugs and produce approaches are being employed by manufacturers on the shop floor to increase agility. This approach enables introduction of new equipments at the shop floor level with easier integration system.

Noticing the prominence of automation and other technologies in the shop floor management system, a distinguished panel comprising of eminent CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts along with the editorial panel of Manufacturing Technology Insights have tabled out top shop floor management solution providers of 2018. These solution providers have been considered based on their expertise in rendering current and top quality technologies.

We present to you Manufacturing Technology Insights’ “Top 10 Shop Floor Management Solution Providers - 2018”

    Top Shop Floor Management Solution Companies

  • Improving efficiency and productivity of manufacturing operations with digital solutions

  • Rockware Corp provides premier, customizable shop floor management software products to the automotive, manufacturing, and government sectors

  • Developer of patented technology that improves manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical arena

  • Provides software products and services to create intelligent production environments using IIoT and AI methodologies

  • AMT


    AMT offers unique, unbiased and complete engineered solutions for robotic automation challenges

  • IQMS


    Combines ERP and manufacturing execution system (MES) to provide an end-to-end suite for running a business along with real-time performance and scalability

  • Koops


    Offers innovative designs and specialized factory automation machines and equipment

  • Plataine


    Provides advanced IoT and AI-based optimization solutions to manufacturing sector

  • Rethink Robotics

    Rethink Robotics

    Transforming factory floor work in the manufacturing industry across the globe with its collaborative robots

  • RFgen


    Helps in reducing supply chain cost and increasing accuracy and efficiency with most reliable and flexible mobile data collection and automation solution