SMP Logic Systems: Enhanced Control over Shop Floor Management

SMP Logic Systems: Enhanced Control over Shop Floor Management

Shane Popp, Founder & President, SMP Logic SystemsShane Popp, Founder & President
The manufacturing industry is touted to have the lion’s share from the growth of the IoT, where virtually all development is going into industrial cloud technologies. While shop floor managers are looking for a means to achieve IIoT capabilities, a company called SMP Logic Systems has devised a unique technique to help them inch toward a smart factory business objective. Notably, the pharma manufacturing industry—where organizations are undergoing several changes that pertain to their processes and regulations—is where SMP Logic Systems’ value proposition is making a difference.

A research-based software development company that is backed by its vast technical knowledge and industry expertise spanning more than a decade; SMP Logic Systems brings innovation in technology to revolutionize pharmaceutical manufacturing industries.

The stringent productivity and quality demands of the pharma manufacturing ecosystem have pushed the industry to rethink the setup of execution systems and process controls for better control flow analysis and sub-system integration. “Through our cloud-based manufacturing execution system (MES), we have taken the legacy model, completely scrapped it, and we have turned the traditional four layer MES into a single layer MES,” explains Shane Popp, the founder and president of SMP Logic Systems. “By doing this, we are able to gain and map better control using Software based PLC and distributed control system technology.”

The recently launched Cloud Logic allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to control the manufacturing process workflow and integrate process controls completely. Additionally, Cloud Logic elevates MES capabilities to the cloud. The platform enables taking corrective actions and process control to minimize any waste that may materialize.

Through our cloud-based manufacturing execution system (MES), we have taken the legacy model, completely scrapped it, and we have turned the traditional four layer MES into a single layer MES

Furthermore, Cloud Logic facilitates interoperability across various sub-systems, thereby enabling enterprises to integrate new and legacy systems as per the system requirements. The Cloud Logic System is highly customizable and provides seamless integration from the component to the user while giving real-time monitoring capability and control from the cloud.

Meanwhile, SMP Logic Systems’ Industrial Cloud service caters to pharmaceutical manufacturers’ and their manufacturing providers’ needs to transition into the smart factory paradigm efficiently. With a focus on cost control and keeping the quality high, the Industrial Cloud service assists manufacturers in designing appropriate scale systems for bringing production aspects into the cloud. The objective is to close the technology gap between new and legacy systems by first creating a clear manufacturing vision for the clients and working together with the clients throughout the plan design. From process control and system management to continuous real-time quality monitoring and track-and-trace solutions to real-time reporting, SMP Logic Systems’ solution addresses a manufacturer’s need to modernize all aspects of the shop floor process.

By implementing process automation in its solutions, SMP Logic Systems aims to help pharmaceutical manufacturers make the changeover to a cloud-based manufacturing system effectively, while reducing the amount of time and capital required. “The short-term goal is to enable manufacturers with old legacy systems to be able to integrate into one system, by scrapping the layers of MES in the easiest way possible, regardless of the technology being used, and the long-term goal is to reduce the inventory barriers,” asserts Popp. SMP Logic Systems strives to make a system with most capabilities inbuilt so that only modifications are sufficient enough to adapt to the change in technology; this includes the cybersecurity systems and the enhanced data analytics. Maintaining the emphasis on adding value to the client’s business, SMP Logic Systems cherishes partnerships that utilize their technology, where flexibility in the system, is a critical edge to their competitive advantage.