Tutelar Technologies Inc.: Optimizing Productivity and Quality with AI and IIoT

Tutelar Technologies Inc.: Optimizing Productivity and Quality with AI and IIoT

Edward Dickson, President, Tutelar Technologies Inc.Edward Dickson, President
To drive higher levels of productivity and quality, manufacturing companies are exploring new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) to build intelligent production environments. However, to harness the benefits of such smart manufacturing environments usually requires significant new investment in equipment upgrades and workforce training. Coming to the aid of manufacturers, Tutelar Technologies, a Canadian-based plant floor solutions provider with over 30 years of experience, provides software products and services that deliver the highest levels of quality and productivity for optimized performance in manufacturing and distribution. “We help build reliable, intelligent production environments using cutting-edge technology, coupled with a highly skilled, comprehensive support team that has the depth of knowledge to solve manufacturing challenges,” states Edward Dickson, president of Tutelar Technologies.

Most manufacturers possess an extensive asset base in their existing manufacturing tools, equipment, and processes. Vast majorities of those assets and processes are “islands of automation,” which function effectively in isolation, but lack connectivity and require manual coordination and control. Today, most manufacturing plants rely on humans to oversee the manufacturing process execution, but being human, the reliability of performing repetitive tasks cannot be assured. Manufacturing companies face a dilemma: continue with their current production environment that lacks efficiency and effectiveness, or upgrade to new machines, which adds to their financial burden. Tutelar Technologies offers a third option with its Ujigami suite of software solutions. Ujigami provides the connectivity and inter-machine intelligence to enable sustainable next-generation manufacturing capabilities using existing assets.

“Ujigami offers comprehensive dock-to-dock capabilities to control, monitor, manage, improve, and report the productivity and quality of a manufacturing facility,” states Dickson.

From warehouse management to production, packaging, and shipping, Ujigami can manage the entire workflow process, communicating with all equipment and devices on the shop floor and eliminating the need for operator intervention. Ujigami controls each step of the manufacturing process and monitors the results to ensure that specifications are met, and automatically invokes predetermined business rules to contain and correct any failures in the processes. Further, Ujigami uses a standard browser-based framework to provide a familiar interface for users. Through any smart device, users can operate the Ujigami software and manage plant floor operations remotely.

Ujigami offers comprehensive dock-to-dock capabilities to control, monitor, manage, improve, and report the productivity and quality of a manufacturing facility

Dickson cites an instance where Tutelar Technologies proved to be a one-stop solution for a Tier 1 manufacturing company’s plant floor integration needs. The client produces functional automotive components and relied on operators to manage the production environment, using manufacturing methodologies developed in the early 1990s. It involved floor supervisors manually coordinating the various operators handling the equipment to ensure that production ran as smoothly as possible. After experiencing a significant increase in business, the client recognized that its current manufacturing practices were insufficient to handle the increased demand and maintain profitability. Tutelar Technologies implemented Ujigami to integrate the client’s legacy equipment with new hardware. Ujigami provides the controls to increase productivity and product quality well beyond previous capability. This helped the client transition from a labor-intensive production facility to an automated environment incorporating robots, AGVs and an ASRS. Overall equipment effectiveness increased by more than 20 percent.

Tutelar Technologies has been a key enabler for companies to reshore manufacturing back to U.S.-based facilities. In addition, Tutelar has partnered with a worldwide technical services provider to cater to its global clientele and provide local support teams who understand the local language and culture. Moving forward, Tutelar Technologies is excited to help more clients accelerate their migration from conventional manufacturing methodologies towards Industry 4.0, IIoT, and AI.