Aptean: Shop Floor Insights that Matter

Aptean: Shop Floor Insights that Matter

Kim Eaton, CEO, ApteanKim Eaton, CEO
The much celebrated author of ‘The New Shop Floor Management’, Kiyoshi Suzaki says “The shop floor is revered as the place where people ultimately add value to their society and strengthen its foundation.” As the saying holds true, every enterprise, regardless of their unique processes and requirements, need to gain visibility into their shop floor operations to drive profitability and success. Aptean, a global provider of mission critical enterprise software, manifests unmatched capabilities in this regard by offering best-in-class ERP platforms that ideally enhances shop floor management—helping enterprises gain visibility into their entire floor operations through a single pane of glass. This helps management executives to take necessary actions as per need of the hour—in real-time.

Aptean’s Intuitive ERP stands out in the market place by offering unique features that includes shop floor work center console and shop floor data collection in addition to providing powerful tools that drastically improve forecast accuracy and shop-floor scheduling. The solution efficiently track, report and ensure integrity of information and is best differentiated for its innate ability to increase the quality and visibility of relevant data that help in strategic and tactical operational decisions. With comprehensive ERP manufacturing functionality that better manage work-in-process activities, Intuitive ERP also simplifies shop floor management through seamless integration of planning, materials management and procurement, manufacturing, financial, and business intelligence processes. Further, the firm’s Made2Manage ERP operates in a similar fashion to seamlessly integrate enterprise resource planning and scheduling with shop floor execution.

Complementing the ERP offering is the Aptean Shop Floor Manager Mobile that successfully caters to the modern manufacturers’ demand for constant access to shop floor operations while on the go.

Aptean Shop Floor Manager Mobile can be easily secured over VPNs and also provides secure communication and server authentication

With a simple, user-friendly dashboard, the solution offers a 360 degree view into raw shop floor data on mobile devices—in a clean, clear, and easy-to-understand format. This helps managers to explore information such as actual production labor and machine costs in addition to monitoring job and order status, work-in-process inventory and details about all their work centers. The tablet and browser agnostic solution enable enterprises to respond quick and smarter, improving overall productivity and beat evolving market competitions. Aptean Shop Floor Manager Mobile can be easily secured over VPNs which also provides secure communication and server authentication.

With an impressive track record spanning over the years, Aptean is in the good books of many enterprises. For instance, Illes Seasonings & Flavors, a third-generation family-owned company focused on developing and producing seasonings and flavors achieved more business and profit—post implementing Aptean ERP solutions. The client became more competitive in the marketplace with the right data in hand—provided by Aptean ERP’s data collection module.

Over the course of its history, Aptean has served more than 6,500 customers world-wide that span across industries including manufacturing, sales and marketing, service and support, supply chain, finance and administration, and intellectual property search. To further assist clients streamline their operations and workflow efficiencies, Aptean recently acquired Apprise, a leading provider of ERP and SCM solutions—best differentiated for its industry-focused enterprise software.

The future roadmap of Aptean is an exciting one. Under the knowledgeable guidance of Kim Eaton, CEO, Aptean, the firm is forging ahead firmly sticking to their promised vision—“to enable customers’ long-term economic success by delivering relevant and trusted technology solutions.”