TDM Systems: Detect Idle Resources with Tool Lifecycle Management

TDM Systems: Detect Idle Resources with Tool Lifecycle Management

Dan Speidel, Director of Sales, TDM SystemsDan Speidel, Director of Sales
Over the years, the wheels of ‘smart factory’ or ‘Industry 4.0’ have churned the manufacturing sector, enabling cyber-physical systems to communicate and coordinate with each other in real time. Alongside this lasting impact, the revolution has brought about challenges for the industry that include capturing and accessing large silos of data. Today, companies are seeking unique strategies to supervise production resources including tool organization in all phases of planning and production—in short TLM proficient solutions. Enhancing this experience for customers is TDM Systems, a tool lifecycle specialist, offering solutions to manage tool data in the metal cutting industry. By providing a wide range of interfaces for optimized planning and provision of tools, the company focuses on the entire life cycle of tool data. “With our transparent solutions, companies achieve faster time to market, increase quality, and efficiency of the shop floor while accelerating the buying power with their vendors,” explains Dan Speidel, Director of Sales, North America, TDM Systems.

TDM’s shop floor management software helps in the preparation of tool assemblies for each job, calculates the tool usage, and takes into account the tool inventory. The software offers various modules that help in the efficient functioning of the shop floor including TDM Base Module, TDM Tool Crib, TDM Ordering, TDM Barcode Module, and TDMshopcontrol helping users throughout their tool lifecycle. As a first step, TDM´s Base Module provides all the necessary information like geometry and cutting data on tools and their applications suitable for each process to the users. The Crib Module supports ordering processes and manages automated as well as manual crib systems. Implementing order management in the tool crib, TDM Ordering Module ensures that the orders are submitted on time and are recorded.The entire tool circulation from planning to tool use is monitored by TDMshopcontrol.

TDM has robust interfaces to CAM systems and also supports management of NC program related tool lists while optimizing their usage.

Users can achieve faster time to market, increased efficiency of manufacturing shop floor while accelerating the buying power with their vendors

Users can select the best tools for NC operation with 3D-tool graphics. The firm’s integration with tool presetter manufacturers like Parlec Inc. simplifies the measurement procedure allowing flow of data to and from the systems. The solution also integrates with user’s ERP systems for tool pre-assignment and procurement processes while aligning with the data in ERP. TDM provides transparent data, users can see the tools used in production and are notified when the tools are ready or need replenishment. In addition, TDM has an engineering consulting team consisting of highly knowledgeable application engineers who identify the business objectives, strengths, and weaknesses of their clients to create a project addressing their business needs.

“Our industry knowledge and our longevity in the business segment is our strength,” says Speidel. TDM differentiates itself in the market through its software centric approach providing a CAM simulation ready 3D model to virtually every CAM system. The company has served a number of clients with their tool data management. In an instance, MAN Diesel & Turbo, a provider of large bore diesel engines and turbomachinery for marine and stationery applications, has a plant in Saint Nazaire (France) where it installs and tests large engines. MAN was looking for a tool management program and implemented TDM’s shop floor management that helped them save time with fully automated ordering systems, harmonized the networking at their plants, and gave them CAD support with 3D tool graphics.

Incorporating latest trends and technologies to its product portfolio, TDM plans to bring all the tool data on smart devices allowing users to access the information from anywhere, anytime. “Our vision for the future is to use on site as well as cloud based solutions to manage multiple aspects of Tool Lifecycle Management realizing IoT in the metal cutting industries,” concludes Speidel.