Sita Corp: Bringing Visibility to Performance on the Shop Floor

Sita Corp: Bringing Visibility to Performance on the Shop Floor

There is an extreme pressure exerted on manufacturing enterprises to raise competitiveness by minimizing costs, increase product quality, and complexity. To accomplish these goals, enterprises need a thorough mix of new and innovative manufacturing techniques and automation of business processes. To this need, Rom Reddy established Sita Corp in early 90’s with a prospect of the potential for mobile enterprise solutions. Rom Reddy, President and CEO of Sita Corp, believes that it is important for information and communication to flow seamlessly across an enterprise as they become geographically dispersed and carry out tasks 24 x 7.

An avid innovator, Reddy pursues to drive the company's mission to simplify the complex business processes by implementing integrated ERP business process technology. The Somerset, NJ based firm delivers advanced software applications, solutions, and key services that are built around connecting people faster to the information they need for various enterprises. Sita’s business intelligence platforms provide real-time data and analytics to empower quick response to critical business challenges. One of its key innovations—Sojourner—an enterprise data management and mobile platform provides mobile applications development, data aggregation, and custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) for enterprises and consumers. The platform enables to build native, hybrid, and web applications for phones, tablets, or desktops. Moreover, Sojourner allows communicating and securely sharing the right information, with the right people, in real time through with the support of multi-channel apps of HTML5 and JavaScript web technologies.

The Sojourner Mobile Solution empowers mobile business, IT administrators, and professionals worldwide to manage their mobile applications and synchronization with a straightforward, rapidly deployable and vertically-rich platform for their remote workforce in an integrated, scalable, and proven mobile platform. “We help enterprises build Eco-Systems or join larger industrial eco-systems. Along with Sojourner Digital Platform, the firm helps enterprises with library of applications to custom develop applications, connectors, APIs, Rest and Web Services to disparate systems.

With Sojourner, we allow communicating and securely sharing the right information, with the right people, in real time

Adding further credence is the Sita Corp’s Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII) toolkit that allows real-time integration between any ERP and any Manufacturing Execution System (MES) system and real time visibility to information through dashboards, reports, and alerts to assist production personnel and management. By increasing efficiency in process and discrete industries, MII improves operation performances and harness control of all operations throughout the assembly line. Leveraging its pre-built templates and global resource pool, the firm provides high value in its MII implementation and streamlines productivity, quality, and reduced machine downtime. With consulting resources around the globe, Sita Corp support clients round-the-clock in a very cost efficient manner. Beneficially, Sita Corp's MII provides processes for maintaining, upgrading, and enhancing SAP MII and SAP MES applications and associated infrastructure.

“As an SAP partner for more than 20 years, Sita Corp has a deep understanding and extensive experience in the integration, implementation, and management of SAP platforms and applications,” notes Reddy. “As specialists in big data, analytics, enterprise resource planning, and mobile ERP, Sita Corp continually strive to innovate through new solution development, strategic partnerships and a collaborative approach to every partner and customer relationship.” Fortified with their high-powered office atmosphere against their backdrop, Sita Corp has expanded post-haste in a short span with continued growth in the horizon through their pragmatic tools; the firm is truly destined to be a behemoth in the future.