Flexware Innovation: Accelerating Operational Excellence on Shop Floor

Flexware Innovation: Accelerating Operational Excellence on Shop Floor

Scott Whitlock, President & CEO, Flexware InnovationScott Whitlock, President & CEO
A majority of manufacturers continue to struggle to meet the stringent productivity and quality demands with aging legacy equipment and limited investment. The need to adhere to the best manufacturing practices and techniques that guarantee zero defects, high quality products, and improved production performance has further contributed to the increased adoption of shop floor solutions.

Fishers, IN-based firm, Flexware Innovation is a systems integrator with expertise in providing manufacturers with solutions that include MES implementations, automation system integration, manufacturing intelligence and reporting, packaging execution systems, tracking and traceability solutions, and custom Shop Floor Display (SFD) systems. Flexware’s MES solutions have been leveraged by the life sciences industry— biotechnology, medical device, and pharmaceutical firms—that requires new products and variants at a faster pace in the face of shrinking price margins and increasingly stricter regulatory constraints.

The additional pressure to reduce costs and accelerate throughput while maintaining high service levels has impelled the need for manufacturing systems that can get the right product in the right quantity to the right place at the right time. “We help our customers simplify and accelerate their process flow, banish errors and productivity black holes with instant updates of their production status,” states Scott Whitlock, President and CEO, Flexware Innovation.

Flexware comprehends the dynamic nature of shop floor operations and offers SFD solutions that allow manufacturers to automatically pull information from databases, create displays that reflect the facility’s organization of work areas, and control custom display configurations. The browser-based solution does not require a pre-configured workstation and integrates with Web Power Switch, VNC, Flexware’s Restart Robot to support up to 10 displays per workstation.

Keeping things simple, using standard off-the-shelf packages where appropriate, we deliver timely and meaningful results

Flexware’s SFD solution helps manufacturers across industries to augment production performance and efficiency, and induce positive behavioral changes by equipping the staff with up-to-the-minute operating information.

Fruitful partnerships with Inductive Automation Partner, Rockwell Automation, Parsec, and Wonderware, have allowed Flexware to deliver information solutions to enterprises functioning in diverse manufacturing environments. The firm has partnered with Parsec to provide its customers with the implementation of TrakSYS, a unified and integrated software application that streamlines the manufacturing operations. TrakSYS MES offers the manufacturers strategic benefits such as real-time performance management, improved production planning and scheduling, reduction of storage costs for work in progress (WIP) materials due to reduced lead time, and improved product and process quality.

Additionally, Flexware’s BI solution allows managers to leverage real-time, predictive, actionable Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to make informed critical decisions on the shop floor. The firm’s agile iterative implementation process allows its customers to achieve quick value from basic functionalities such as enterprise data integration, a common data warehouse, data mining capabilities, and agile implementations.

Staffed by a special breed of engineers affectionately referred to as the “FlexDogs”, the work culture at Flexware Innovation is characterized by a mix of passionate software integration and innovative development. The firm understands the unique problems faced by every manufacturing plant and invests time in understanding their problems and goals. Flexware has deep expertise in developing and executing the challenges of integrating equipment, systems, and information. “Keeping things simple, using standard off-the-shelf packages where appropriate, we deliver timely and meaningful results,” concludes Whitlock.