Demand Solutions: Integrated APS Enables a Better Shop Floor Experience

Demand Solutions: Integrated APS Enables a Better Shop Floor Experience

David Pleak VP, Manufacturing Systems, Demand SolutionsDavid Pleak VP, Manufacturing Systems
As they navigate the day-to-day production process, manufacturers need a control system that enables them to strike a balance between customer demand and their own production capacity. Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software vendors have adapted their solutions in ways that help manufacturers monitor the entire production lifecycle.

St. Louis-based Demand Solutions is one such vendor. Seeking to enhance manufacturing executives’ ability to optimize the supply chain as well as shop floor execution, Demand Solutions provides an entire suite of supply chain management solutions on a SaaS platform. The firm’s APS functionality lets manufacturers manage and maintain materials, capacity, and shop floor schedules in one integrated solution. Using Demand Solutions’ powerful algorithms and KPIs, clients can easily identify the best plan for optimal utilization of resources. The solution is designed for easy integration with ERP and shop floor control systems. And because this solution features an intuitive user interface, it provides a flawless user experience to its clients.

Demand Solutions’ central philosophy for APS development and implementation is driven by a relentless focus on production engineering. Unlike many competing vendors, Demand Solutions has always recognized the importance of enhancing manufacturing execution in the supply chain.

“We believe our manufacturing planning and execution expertise differentiates us from our APS competition,” says David Pleak, Vice President of Manufacturing Systems, Demand Solutions. “Most other vendors in our space have focused on trying to provide a slightly better planning solution than time-bucket-based MRP. By contrast, Demand Solutions APS has always been focused on providing a realistic, executable plan for production. And to give our customers greater flexibility, we are incorporating the latest software development technologies to rebuild our already powerful APS solution so that it will be available for on-premises implementation or as a SaaS platform.”

We believe our manufacturing planning and execution expertise differentiates us from our APS competition

Demand Solutions’ powerful shop floor management solution is part of the Demand Solutions DSX platform— an integrated suite of supply chain planning applications that run on a single database. The platform provides a real-world forecasting engine along with tools that enable clients to incorporate their business expertise into the demand plan. With Demand Solutions DSX, clients can reduce their labor costs by anticipating staffing needs based on an accurate daily schedule. They can increase on-time product deliveries by minimizing the disruption of preventive maintenance and unplanned downtime of production. And they can capture more of their detailed tribal knowledge around planning and scheduling—leading to ongoing improvements in business performance.

What is driving Demand Solutions’ innovation? A close collaboration between its client services organization and its customers, which gives the company a heightened awareness of what the market will need next. It is no wonder, then, that Demand Solutions customers are deriving measurable benefits from the company’s solutions. One leading inkjet printer manufacturer implemented the Demand Solutions platform and achieved a payback within 11 months. Using Demand Solutions’ shop floor solution, the company streamlined its planning cycle from days to just hours. Meanwhile, a renowned pharmaceutical firm reduced work in progress for one item from $12 million to $2 million while reducing its direct labor costs—all within 20 days.

The manufacturing landscape continues to migrate towards cloud-enabled solutions. Demand Solutions has no intention of letting its customers get left behind. In fact, the company’s DSX supply chain planning suite is available as a SaaS product. “We are also planning more innovation in supply optimization to enrich our suite’s footprint between demand planning and shop floor execution,” Pleak adds.